OpSigal's cutting-edge, state-of-the-art military imaging technology recognizes patterns in a split of a second, and is at the heart of our incredible accuracy.

Sophisticated algorithms and a high resolution camera allows the technology to prevail even with warped edges, unevenly built stacks, or dim light conditions.

So much so, that OpSigal's accuracy is GUARANTEED!

As stacks approach, OpSigal's hi-resolution video camera scans the entire stack, and counts each sheet induvidually, in about 1 second.

See the cameras's view in the images below: On the Left is the scanned image, while the image on the Right show red lines marked through each sheet once counted by the algorithm.

The information is instantly displayed on the flat screen LCD:



OpSigal sheet counter interface with management systems for easy, hands-free operation.

Featuring corrucount ™ and PixVault technologies.